Wisconsin Business Aviation Association

December 2014 Correspondence

We recently visited Milwaukee ATC as one of my goals for WBAA is to have a relationship with the FAA. Attached are the notes from the meeting. We’ve also included the FAA generated  airspace .PDFs that spell out the changes both in text and graphical format.

The highlights:

1.            OBK will no longer be used for arrivals and departures.

2.            The ACCRA One and UECKR One SIDS will be used for Southbound departures to the West and East, respectively.

3.            Radar vectors will typically be used for Northbound departures.

4.            Expect the GOPAC STAR for arrivals to KRAC from the South and West,

5.            MKE approach (per Chicago center) needs to have all aircraft transitioning Chicago airspace above 10,000’ when crossing the state line.

6.            GRR VOR has now been renamed VIO (Victory). Reference for Easterly departures.

7.            The MADII One and ERNIE Two STARS (Depicted on the ALL Quads .PDF) have been implemented to support aircraft arriving KORD from the Polar tracks. This will increase MKE approaches track several times during the day.


The following problems are already being addressed with the new SIDS for MKE and RAC:


1.            The 250 KT speed restriction is being exceeded regularly (written in small print at the top of the SID chart).

2.            The Expect Altitudes for the ACCRA and UECKR initial fixes of FANZI and PRFEC are being treated by crews as mandatory altitudes. They are expect only; therefore, the remaining SID altitudes must be complied with in addition to any other altitude constraints received in the departure clearance. We can also expect the phraseology, “Climb via SID.”


Please review the attached .PPT and .PDFs at your leisure. The ATC folks were very accommodating during our visit, and encouraged us to stop by at any time.


Mke Traffic Patterns

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