Wisconsin Business Aviation Association

October 2015 Correspondence

MKE ATC Meeting

A four person committee from Harley-Davidson, SC Johnson, and Briggs and Stratton has been established to have regular communication with MKE ATC. Listed below are the highlights that Maria has shared from the first meeting.
1. MKE ATC controls the airspace 13,000ft and below, ORD Center above 13,000ft.

2. ACCRA and UECKR SIDS are being amended with the ORD arrival gates. Expect the 8000ft restriction on the SIDs to be deleted in December.

3. Utilization of the 25L GPS approaches have no operational restrictions. At any time if the GPS Y or Z approach for 25L- is desired notify ATC, since the GPS approach is progressing at a slower rate of assignment over the localizer approach.

4. Due to the ORD “heavies” transitioning through MKE airspace ATC keeps aircraft at 7000ft for the downwind to 7R and 1L. You can slow to 210 kts. if necessary to allow for the descent when kept at 7000ft. If a speed slower than 210 kts. is needed, notify the controller.

5. To amend a filed route due to weather for departure, call ATC. No PDC can be given on an amended route.

6. When flying to PWK expect:
a. Altitude no higher than 5000ft
b. Heading of 180 for vectors to airport

7. When flying to MKE from PWK expect:
a. Altitude no higher than 7000ft
b. Heading of 360 for vectors once clear of the departure corridor.

8. Snow removal on PAPA taxiway or issues with snow removal on airport contact County Ops 414-747-5325

Gates for Arrival:
BRAVE 10,000ft
SUDDS 14,000ft
BJB 10,000ft
BAE 10,000ft
DREWD 12,000ft
ZOWRO 9,000ft

WBAA Golf Open 2015

Golfers were welcomed with another beautiful day of Wisconsin weather in Kohler for the 2015 WBAA Open sponsored by Gulfstream. Bryan McConnell was awarded a $1,000 scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Management, and to finish his flight training goals of obtaining his Commercial, Multi Engine rating with aspirations to fly Part 135 operations. Kyle Budewitz was also awarded a $1,000 scholarship to further his education and obtain a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate along with allow Kyle to build flight time to ultimately pursue a career in business aviation. All of the 2015 recipients will make great additions to flight departments in the future, WBAA, its sponsors, and members wish them great success in their pursuit of a business aviation career.

Performance Based Navigation and the ADS-B mandate is set for January 2020. Wisconsin currently has nine ADS-B transceivers on the ground throughout the state. As ADS-B is implemented, the old VOR DME system will become the backup. The FAA will decommission over half of its 967 VOR’s throughout the United States by December 2019. The FAA’s goal is to maintain VOR coverage at 5,000 feet AGL across the country. Equipping aircraft for the ADS-B mandate will take some time and money, so plan ahead.
Wisconsin Business Aviation Day at the Capital

We are still looking to get to Madison; therefore, we need to make sure that the representatives on the Transportation Committee know about us. Do you have someone in your organization who wants to participate?

Business Aviation:
• Contributes $150 billion to the U.S. economy
• Contributes Jobs - Majority of aircraft are manufactured, operated and maintained in the U.S. Additionally, includes tens of thousands of pilots, maintenance technicians, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants, training professionals, airport employees, and other support personnel
• Users include governments, universities, charitable organizations and businesses - large, medium, and small
• Reaches over 5,000 public use airports across the country

Please share WBAA with your colleagues and aviation friends. As we grow in numbers, we can have an influence. Also, if you become aware of any legislative issues impacting aviation, let me know.

Matthew Dean

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